Széll Kálmán Award

2011. 10. 03.

Similarly to the person who gave his name to it, the Széll Kálmán Award aims to recognise the activities of renowned public figures, prominent economists and businessmen who have made contributions on the basis of their experiences and resulting sensible approach.  The people who have been awarded so far have done a lot to familiarise the highest number of international decision-makers and opinion shapers with Hungary, and presented Hungary’s business and political activity in the spirit of liberty, honest prosperity and the rule of law.

The first person acknowledged through the award in 2009 was April Foley. At the award ceremony, János Martonyi spoke in appreciation of the activities performed by the former ambassador of the United States of America to Hungary, who was then presented with a relief of one-time Finance Minister Kálmán Széll, handed over by János Csák and István Fodor. The event was attended by former governor of New York, George Pataki, and president of the Hungarian American Coalition, Maximilian Teleki. 


Next year the board of trustees honoured a member of the Foundation, baron William de Gelsey, a businessman living in Great Britain. The Hungarian-born economist and banker is currently the presidential advisor to UniCredit CAIB Securities and chairman of the Board of Directors of the pharmaceutical manufacturer Richter Gedeon Nyrt.

The Foundation’s board of trustees decides on the award winner once every year. The next award ceremony will be held in December 2011.

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